Meet Our Holistic Therapists

Veronica Immink-Gill


Having worked as a holistic therapist for over 20 years, Veronica Immink-Gill's work in the world is the culmination of her Peruvian and Dutch roots and a lifetime of travel and immersion in indigenous culture. A consultant to some of the world's best known wellness brands (Bamford Botanicals (Daylesford) Aveda Spa,) in the birthing of their own holistic products and services, her training as a Cosmetologist in the US has evolved into deeper work with plant medicine, plant based products and energetic modalities through the years.
Having experienced first hand the transformation that occurs when mind, body and spirit work in unison, Veronica is committed to using her gifts and insight to make healing therapies accessible to all.

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Tamwah Williams

 Tamwah is a First Nations Australian song woman and holistic therapist. Currently based in Barbados. Tamwah’s treatments have been bringing balance, peace, and healing to bodies, minds, and souls for over 25+ years. Experienced massage & wellness therapist, specialising in holistic health & Spiritual healing.

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