How Does Our Refill Bar Work?

Choose Your Container:

First, choose the size of container and add to your cart -- We offer 1oz bottles & jars all the way up to full gallon containers!  You will find all of our reusable containers in the 'Refill' menu under the heading 'Bottles & Jars.'  

* If you already have a container or wish to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle), please see the 'Return & Refill' section below.

Choose the Contents:

Next, choose a product from our Refill Bar.  All of our refill bar products can be found under the 'Refill' section of our website.  All refill bar product quantities are sold in ounces.

Example:  If you have selected an 8oz container and would like it filled, choose the quantity of 8 for the product. 


Return & Refill:

Visit us in store to refill any clean and dry container.  Have product left in the jar or bottle? We will tare the contents, and only charge you for what you refill with.  Happy refilling!