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Relax, Realign & Rejuvenate your Body

Holistic massage promotes relaxation, release of muscular tension & connection with your body & spirit. You can choose the style from the list or allow Tamwah to intuitively combine massage styles to your body’s needs.

*Remedial Massage/ Deep tissue
*Relaxation/ Swedish
*Myo fascial Release
*Pre & Post natal massage

1hr $140 / 1.5hrs $180

💚Head/neck & shoulders massage
Melt away tension in your shoulders, neck & scalp with this relaxing massage.

Includes: Aromatherapy, massage & Craniosacral balancing
30mins $70 / 1hr $130

💚 Reflexology Foot Massage
Massaging pressure points & meridians in your feet to bring well-being to your entire body.

Includes foot soak & aromatherapy

1hr $130

💚 Energy Medicine Session
Feel rejuvenated, vibrant & aligned.

Includes: crystals, aromatherapy, sound, Reiki, somatic practices, kinesiology & Craniosacral balance

1hr $150


Embody more of your Spirit in this full body massage that invites inner peace, clarity, alignment & deepens intuition. Chakras + Aura balance.
This treatment boosts your immune system, elevates stress & positively strengthens your electromagnetic energy field (aura).

Includes: Intention setting, aromatherapy, somatic practices, energy medicine & ancestral work

2hrs $340

💚Cação Ritual

Ground into deep relaxation with this Hot stones & Cação full body massage. Cacao is a powerful plant medicine that nourishes the skin whilst opening heart chakra bring balance, love & compassion. In this ceremony you’re invited to nourish yourself with the frequencies of love & gratitude.

Includes: Hot stone massage with Cacao & aromatherapy,
relaxing lymphatic drainage massage.
Somatic breathe practices

2hrs $250

For booking & inquiries call +61 466 583 183